Boudoir FAQ

Updated: Oct 2

We have taken the time to gather the top asked questions from our clients regarding boudoir photography. If you have a question that's not listed, please leave a comment with your question and we will add it to the list!

  1. What is it like to have a boudoir photo shoot? Boudoir photo shoots are an experience of confidence, self-love, intimacy and empowerment. You get a chance to take control and be free to do what you want in your photoshoot and how you would like it to go. We will help with wardrobe and posing, hair and make-up. Many women find it therapeutic as it gives them a day of self-love and time to reflect and enjoy their life and their body.

  2. What's a boudoir session? A boudoir session is what you want it to be. You can wear lingerie, you can wear your favorite sweater and socks, your bridal veil or your favorite costume. It's really designed for you to look back on a time in your life when you wanted to capture moments of yourself by embracing who you are "in that moment"!

  3. What is it like to have a couple's boudoir photoshoot? Many of our clients have fun as they reconnect with one another. When couples book a boudoir photography session, it doesn't have to be a special day like an anniversary or birthday. You can use this as a time to have a date night with intimacy and romance. What better way to capture a date night than with a little black book?

  4. What are the styles of boudoir photography? Again any style can be transformed into a boudoir photography session but here are a few of our popular styles of boudoir photography.

-Pin-up Girl

-Elegant Boudoir

-Bridal Boudoir

-Couples Boudoir

-Outdoors/Nature Boudoir

-50 Shades of Grey Boudoir

  1. Why is Boudoir Photography expensive? It's really an investment in yourself and it's not really that expensive considering that you don't do this type of session all the time. Think of it like this.... if you complete a boudoir session once every five years, you are roughly investing $200 a year of portraits of yourself. That's not expensive considering those images will last a lifetime. and you will always have them to look back on and smile.

  2. What should I bring to a boudoir photo shoot? The choice is up to you! We have a client wardrobe of teddy's, robes and sweaters for you to use at no additional cost. We also have items for purchase such as cute pearl undies, lingerie bodysuits and much more. Any items that you purchase are yours to keep. You may also bring items to your boudoir photo shoot.

  3. What are the best poses for a boudoir photo shoot? Don't worry about posing. Our team of photographers are trained to pose and guide you during your boudoir photography session. We want you to just relax and smile. Come as you are! You don't need to be a model to take amazing images of yourself. YOU ARE ENOUGH!

  4. Do you keep my boudoir photos after the session is completed? At Saga Media Photography, we provide our clients two options. Once your prints have been received, you may request that we delete them immediately. While you are in the studio for pick-up, our photographer will delete them in front of you to ensure you that the images have been deleted. If you would like for use to store them for you. We can hold them for you up to 1 year in our safe on an external hard drive that is password protected.

  5. How long does a photo shoot session last? Typically our clients will be at the studio for 4-5 hours. Please place to spend half a day with us. You will spend time in hair and make-up... completing your session and then we will lightly edit your images and you will sit down to make a selection of the images you would like to purchase.

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